10 Ways to Grow your Network

Posted January 24, 2008

From Jack Ricchiuto:

  1. Get to know the strengths and passions of people in your first and second circles.
  2. Make your strengths and passions more known to your 1st two circles.
  3. Discover who in your 1st two circles would benefit from introductions.
  4. Make high quality introductions at the best levels possible.
  5. Engage your 2nd circle to introduce you to people in your 3rd circle.
  6. Look for new opportunities to learn with and from your first two circles.
  7. Create new opportunities to collaborate with your 1st two circles.
  8. Increase your asset, positional, and generative value in your networks.
  9. Help other people increase their value in their networks.
  10. Built trust and help others build trust through promise making and keeping.
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