Announcing the first alpha release of the Drupal Memetracker module

Posted July 01, 2008

I recently made my first alpha release of the Drupal Memetracker module. You can download it from the project page on the Drupal community site.

An screenshot from the latest code:

Screenshot 6/27/08

A quick refresher on what my project is all about taken from my original proposal to Google Summer of Code.

memetracker = smart aggregator:

An aggregator is software like Drupal Planet or PlanetPlanet that aggregates related content from many sources to display in a central location. But current aggregators are dumb. The dumb aggregator knows no better than to pull in new content and order it chronologically.

A memetracker is a smart aggregator. It also knows how to pull in new content as a dumb aggregator but it’s much smarter about how it displays the content. It can analyze the text of the content and know which authors are talking about the same topic and then group them together. But not only will the smart aggregator group similar topics but it will also learn what topics and authors are most interesting to members of the community and display those first. No more will you have to scroll through a long list of content skipping over content you’re not interested in but instead, new content will be nicely organized by meme and interestingness in a neat compact form.

To join in the work of building an open source memetracker, join the Memetracker group at

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