Announcing a new Vite Plugin for integrating Capsizecss & Radix-ui

Posted March 28, 2024

I really enjoy typography — which causes pain when developing for the web. Because the web makes it hard to deeply control text layout.

This talk (about some in-progress fixes for the web’s typographic woes) has a slide which sums up the issue.

slide showing inconsistent text boxes across font families

The same font-size and line-height settings result in vastly different layouts on the page. You might think that setting your font-size to 16px would mean that the text would thent take up 16px of height on the page — but you would then be very wrong.

There’s platform fixes in progress (as the video above discusses) but in the meantime, a number of folks across the industry have created a fix called Capsize. A lot of research and code has gone into wrestling fonts and browsers into consistently rendering fonts.

It’s brilliant and you should drop whatever you’re doing to integrate it into your current project.

Precise layout gets a lot lot easier.

The one downside of Capsize is it’s pretty low-level. You have to write quite a bit of code to fully integrate it into your design system.

I’ve recently standardized on Radix for my projects as it has a very well-thought out layout, typography, and color system & a growing list of components to choose from. It’s really brilliant and I think anyone looking to build a design system should build on their work.

And as they have a simple way to customize typography through CSS variables, after some digging and experimentation, I created a Vite plugin which takes a small config object and spits out a Capsize/Radix typography css file.

The code and docs are at

Check out the demo — notice how the text doesn’t move even a pixel up and down as I switch between fonts — this is incredible and impossible without Capsize. The practical benefit of this is it makes it trivial to try out different fonts as you’re building your app without breaking your layout. There’s a wealth of beautiful fonts out there to try.

I’m curious what people think — I love each of these tools and together they’re 🧑‍🍳

I think a similar tool could be built for integration with other popular component libraries. Feel free to copy the approach.

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