Eduglu enters the deadpool

Posted April 22, 2011

I just posted this on the Eduglu community site. Reposted here without further comment:

It is with mixed emotions that I announce that I’m quitting work on Eduglu effective immediately. I’ve greatly enjoyed the time I’ve spent working on Eduglu and the friendships I’ve formed in person and online. I had high hopes, shared with many, in the promise of open source social learning tools but I was never able to find a business model that would make my and your work sustainable.

A few other notes. This community site and I’ll keep up and maintain for the forseeable future. All of Eduglu’s source code is, of course, open source and hosted on Github and so if you’d like to continue using/maintaining it, feel free.

Now that I’m not working on Eduglu I’m looking for work. If you have paid part-time gigs available, send me an email. I’m interested in Drupal work of course but I’d be open to about anything you think I’m qualified for.

Hopefully this isn’t a good bye and that our paths pass again in the future.

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