First Post

Posted July 22, 2006

A small confession on my part, I love reading blogs. I’ve been reading blogs for quite a while now, five years I’d suppose. It has been my privilege during this time to read the discussions and thoughts of hundreds of different intelligent and opinionated blog authors from all around the earth. I’m in college now, this fall will be my Junior year. Everyday I listen to lecture and read from textbooks and most don’t hold a candle to my daily dose of blog news and analysis. The blog is the greatest conversational tool ever invented because seconds after I click publish for this post, it can be read across the world by thousands. Granted, this blog, along with most of the other 100 million blogs in existence, won’t be read much. But that’s all right. Conversation is fun, even it’s just with a few of your buds. I’m just happy to join the party.

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