Get a Wiki: Why Your Organization needs a Wiki

Posted May 05, 2007

Everyone can participate

Wikis flatten rigid hierachies and ease the flow of information. Bright ideas can come from anywhere within your organization. Wikis let everyone participate and help the best ideas to emerge. Wikis make it easy for large number of people to collaborate.

A Wikipedia for your organization

Just like Wikipedia documents the world’s information, your new wiki will become the repository for your organization’s knowledge. How easy is it to find information on your intranet? Change that with a wiki. Everything from legal documents, to meeting notes, to project collaboration, to pictures from your last party can and should be stored on your wiki. A wiki is a great place to store all the “stuff” your organization generates in a simple, easy, findable manner. Free information from the grips of the inbox.

Low cost

While there are plenty of commercial wiki companies that’d love to sell you a wiki — and provide great value, there’s no excuse for not jumping into the wiki world with the large number of great free open-source wikis available. Enthusiastic wiki-lovers the world over have banded together to create enterprise-ready wiki software. My favorite is TWiki but don’t stop looking there. The WikiMatrix is an easy way to learn about the many wikis available.

Thousands of organizations are using wikis. Read customer success stories from organizations using TWiki, Socialtext, and Confluence.

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