Memetracker module gets some press

Posted September 17, 2008

The Memetracker module I worked on this past summer for Google Summer of Code saw some press today. Web Dev News wrote:

One of the most powerful and innovative modules to be developed for Drupal this year is Memetracker. Written by Kyle Mathews in the Google Summer of Code 2008, Memetracker intelligently filters content on a website to synthesize the most popular and important topics and conversations into memes. Similar to the way Google News and TechMeme operate, Memetracker can work with RSS and Atom feeds to track issues, current events, and internet “buzz” across numerous channels simultaneously. The module is a “smart aggregator” that can analyze the actual text of RSS feeds and group posts with related content into categories that can be displayed on a website.

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I still find it rather weird to see my name in print (digital or otherwise) but it’s nice to see the module getting some notice. Drupal and memetracking are a powerful combination for building better communication tools for communities.

All developers out there — memetracker is still in alpha and could use your help. If you’d like to help out on development, please contact me.

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