Never update your resume again (just your blog)

Posted May 17, 2008

I’ve written before how your blog can replace your resume but I enjoyed reading another blogger’s experience. I haven’t had the chance yet to send my blog url instead of a resume but I have been contacted about a job once directly because of what I’ve written here and elsewhere.

I hated updating my resume. It is such a brilliantly inefficient medium to communicate your value proposition.

Now when situations of resumes arise, I send the url for the blog. The longer it exists the more valuable it becomes as a alternative resume.

On blogs you can’t fake it (atleast not for a very long time) and it so perfectly reflects your intelligence, your character, your values, your smarts (or lack there of) and so on and so forth. You can “fake” the piece of paper, you can’t fake a blog.

Of course the flip side is also true. If you have a great blog you might not have to go look for a job. They’ll come find you. I am sure all the bloggers in our space get at least two job offers a week. :)

And here is perhaps the nicest benefit of having your own blog (and making sure your potential new employer has it and has sent it to the interview committee): They won’t ask you silly questions.

They have a good idea of who you actually are and smart interviewers just get to the point. And that is a good thing.

Read the whole thing.

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