New Beginnings

Posted April 16, 2014

Quick announcement post.

First I’m leaving Pantheon, the startup I’ve been working at the past two years. It’s been a fantastic run and I’ve loved working there. They have a great team and product and it’s been a pleasure helping build the best Drupal (and now Wordpress) professional website platform.

Highlights include helping with:

  • Rebuilding the Pantheon dashboard from the ground up as a real-time single-page-app.
  • Multidev—cloud development environments for teams.

Basically Git for the entire stack (files, DB, and code) not just code. It’s been a huge hit for customers with larger teams of developers.

  • Pantheon One—a suite of tools for customers administering 100s to 1000s of websites.

Now that I’ve left Pantheon, for the indefinite future I’ll be freelancing and working my way through a long list of side-projects and books that have been accumulating. Contact me if you have interesting problems you’d like help with.

I’m also back in the blogging game. I rebuilt this blog recently as a static site with a custom theme and new domain name. There’s a number of topics, technical and otherwise, I’ll be exploring here in future months.

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