Notes from "The Future of Teaching & Learning" conference — Tools and Technology Models

Posted April 17, 2010

Two questions from moderator:

  • What will the next generation of learning tools look like?
  • What do Universities need to do to prepare?

Marko Turpeinen from Helsinki Institute for Information Technology demoing Sizzle.

DrChuck warning that what works for small sizes don’t scale. Too much friction to using these tech tools. There should be a one-click install.

He envisions large diverse ecosystem of learning applications where teachers, grad students, small startups build learning tools that all interoperate with one another. Like the app store — teachers can find apps and click to add them depending on their need.

For all this talk about next generation learning — very very few people are doing anything similar. Huge inertia. Have to build pathways into future. Lower friction to using new tools. Dr. Chuck looking at adding escape hatches into major LMSs.

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