How to create a résumé using Latex

Posted May 21, 2011

Since recent changes in my life have forced me to look for new employment, I’ve had to relearn the long-forgotten art of writing a résumé. Since the actual process of writing a résumé is fairly straightforward, and boring, I decided to spice things up by figuring out how to do it in Latex, a recent hobby of mine.

Googling found quite a few different Latex résumé templates to start from and my favorite by far was this one, conveniently already on Github. So I quickly forked the example résumé and modified it to fit my needs. I was very happy how it turned out and think it looks miles better than any previous Microsoft Word template résumé I’ve produced.

Download a copy of the finished résumé. You can also see the source for the résumé at Feel free to fork my version and modify to meet your needs. Most distributions of Latex should have all the dependencies you need. The three fonts I’ve used, Minion Pro, Myriad Pro, and Inconsolata are all freely available. The first two are distributed with Adobe Reader. The latter can be downloaded here.

Update — just use

Since I wrote this post several years ago a new online Latex service Sharelatex has been created. They have a fantastic selection of Resume/CV Latex templates and couldn’t be easier to use. Just pick one of the templates and start adding your information through their online editor.

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